Funtastic Fitness

fun fitnessStretch-n-Grow FUNtastic Fitness is an early childhood physical education and wellness program that focuses on improving the health and fitness level of children. Stretch-n-Grow Stars have lots of FUN while they learn to love exercise and build healthy habits

Program Highlights:

  • Action-packed, non-stop fitness classes filled with upbeat music, creative adventures, and fun games – no waiting in line!
  • Safe, effective, and FUN exercises that enhance strength, motor skills, balance, flexibility, and coordination
  • Healthy Habits Lessons covering topics such as nutrition, exercise, muscle groups, hygiene, safety, and self-esteem
  • Fun, colorful equipment and variety in routines and activities
  • Classes begin at age 2
We stretch, stretch and grow!
It’s good for us, we know!
We exercise and eat what’s wise,